CardDAV server contacts not showing in eM but when we create contact on eM, it is getting synced on CardDAV Server

Using CardDAV, my contacts which I add on eM client are syncing with CardDAV server but unfortunately neither contacts created on eM itself are not showing up nor from CardDAV is showing up on eM. We are using Horde CardDAV server, if you want to reproduce the problem, we can help you

Surprise to see no response even “eM Client Inc. employees are here to help.” tag line is there

send us your logs please: go to the menu Tools->Settings->Advanced->Logging and check “CardDAV” under the problematic account. Then restart eM Client, try to simulate the issue and send us (with reference to this topic) the logs using the same logging settings window. Thank you.

Hi George Wilson,

Thanks for your attention!

Kindly use the below link to access eM client logs for the problematic account.……

Pine Mail Admin

Thank you - according to the logs it seems that you are downloading and uploading contacts just fine. Please contact me at [email protected] so I can send you further instructions.

I suppose the problem is in the CardDAV server from Horde. I’ve tested many CalDAV and CardDAV servers. Two of them were Tine 2.0 and Horde 5.1.0. Both are based on SabreDAV and don’t seem to work flawlessly.
I couldn’t get Horde 5.1.0 CardDAV to work with addressbook from OSX or iOS 6.

If you want a reliable CalDAV/CardDAV server use DAViCal!

We have finally analyzed the problem and will probably implement a workaround for this issue even if the cause of the problem is on server side.


we also would need this and like to know what kind of error prevent eM Client from displaying Horde Contacts with CardDAV? If it is a Horde error it should get fixed there, but a technical explanation would be needed.




we are currently working on this issue. When we will know solution we will post it here.


just wanted to ask if there is any progress on this issue? And could you provide us with a link to the bug in Horde/SabreDAV that makes this so broken?


unfortunately we know no solution to this yet, it is obviously server side issue so workaround can be ahrd to find.

But you can send me your CalDAV logs to [email protected] it might help us in process os finding solution.


What a flop show!
George Wilson confirmed the issue and updated, it would resolve in version 6, Six month back, as per him, new version would be released in a month or two :frowning: i am concerned on the support and handling bugs ability of emclient.

do I understand it correctly that you have not yet been able to even find out what is going wrong with the client, or server? A bit more technical info would be great, especially because then I could go and file bug reports in different CardDAV server software. So far this does not seem to be done. I wonder why.

I also think you should really remove the logfiles of “Pine Mail Admin” up above. They contain his whole address book in clear text!

hi, I am sorry but without those logs I can’t do anything more… these issues can be caused from different reasons and one user’s logs does not help to solve it for good.

Specially old as those were. 6th version will be released in matter of days.


Jan, I believe I can tell you where the bug originates from. This is a technical description so forward it to tech if this seems like gibberish to you.

In the most recent Horde version (straight from git), the bug should be fixed. The change they introduced is not escaping the “@” character in the return href. Basically they send back the data in previous versions of Horde, but the “@” gets escaped. This error only happens with Horde because the CardDAV path in Horde contains user names, which are full eMail addresses and thus contain an “@”. In Owncloud it does not happen for instance, because there is no “@” in the CardDAV URL then.

It is similar to this bug in SabreDAV [1], and fixed in this commit of Horde [2].

Hope this helps you fix the error in eM for older Horde versions. Probably you just need to unescape the return href or something like that.


I have sent it to developers.