CardDAV problems with a Baikal-Server


I run a Baikal CalDAV and CardDAV server over my Provider. It works great on the iPhone, both calendar and contacts. At first, it also worked on the em client. After it was no longer because of a the message “Unauthorized”, I deleted the account from the em Client and created again: Now it comes to a very strange phenomenon: em client synchronizes only two contacts from the server and then jumps to the error message “Unauthorized”. The same problem I have on my laptop. Only the first two contacts are synchronized and then this error message is also displayed.

I use a German version 7.0.30068.0. So I can only tell you the German name of the error:

Server meldet “Unauthorized”; Benutzername: user; Kennwort: xxxxx

I’ve already tested different URL spellings:

Always with the same result. I’m pretty helpless …




any ideas? I tried it with Thunderbird and SoGo. The same with my iPhone: It works perfect…

With em Client I still have the same strange problem (see above).

I also wrote to the em Client support but nobody replyed over a week so far. Is this common?