CardDav CalDav support in DNS records or Providers.xml

I am trying to set up my em client to access my Horde email server. This server supports caldav and card dav. I read on some posts here that you can update the providers.xml file with the specific services that your server supports so that the auto configures works.

I did that with version 8 and it worked just fine. Now with version 9 I am looking to add more email ids and it does not work anymore. It appears that the default for version 9 is to read the DNS records first and try and configure the email settings from there. While that works for the email set up it doesn’t for caldav and carddav.

So my question is: Is there a way to force em client to read the providers.xml first? Alternatively, are there some DNS (i.e. SRV ) records that can be added to the domain to allow em client to autoconfigure caldav and carddav?

Anyone have any thoughts on this?