CardDav and Next Cloud weirdness

emClient connects fine with my nextcloud account, however, it only syncs a fraction of the contacts on the nextcloud carddav.

I used to use Google, had problems. I moved all contacts on eM to local folder, exported them as vcf file, uploaded them to nextcloud then added the carddav link to sync them back to eM. I get less than 25% of the contacts showing up.

Android sync works fine, so it is not the carddav that is at fault.

Google used to insist on at least one tag, so thought this might be the issue and added one tag to all contacts, still same problem.

During the move away from google I did several exports, tag manipulations and uploads, and I got different quantities of contacts syncing with eMclient - could not discern a pattern.

Any ideas?

Having the same problem here ??

I found a solution.

Instead of exporting as vcf file and uploading that to nextcloud and then syncing that to eMclient, I left nextcloud carddav empty and linked it to eMclient and let it sync the other way around.

This seems to have fixed both getting all the contacts in both places, and also when adding a new contact to eMclient or android it syncs with NC.

Indeed, that seems to work
Looks like the problem was with the contact categories made on NC
In NC it are categories, and in EmClient U have to use the labels

Hello. Using this method, the labels are saved and consistent?
I mean:
We start with a vcf file (having labels ).
Then importing it in emclient. Are labels there?
Last synch with an empty NC. Are the labels-named-categories created?