Capitalizing first letter on the sentence does not work

When I type the first letter of the sentence it does not capitalize.

Can you please check the Settings if the option “Capitalize first letter of sentences” is enabled? Just go to Tools - Settings - Mail - Compose and let me know the result.


great! I was wondering the same thing, and it turned out that I’ve never found the switch in the settings dialogue. I was lurking around the language and proofing tabs.

however, the capitalization funktion works ok I guess, altough it’s not working when the “.” is added afterwords. could be something to implement for the future maybee?

Word is handling this as green-lining the sentence as some spell check error and the suggestions comes out with a capital.


not sure if I understand it should be working when you add “.” immediately. I’ve only noticed that if you type the first letter it get’s capitalized and if you delete it right away it doesn’t get capitalized again.
I’ll point out that to the developers.