Capitalize first word of sentence

Can you tell me if eM Client 8 is capable of capitalizing the first letter of the first word of a sentence when writing emails?

The spellchecker highlights it as a mistake but doesn’t correct it, is it possible to set it to auto like in word 2010, Open Office etc.



The option is in MENU > SETTINGS > MAIL > COMPOSE

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Sorry for the late (and duplicate) suggestion.


Yeah, but the different Themes look pretty. :wink:


Thanks folks that’s sorted nicely but tell me is there an autocorrect function in eM Client? Sorry to be a nuisance but I’m one of those old codgers that didn’t grow up with computers!

Yes, if you select the option as shown in the screenshots above, that will automatically correct the capitalization of the first letter in a sentence.

But bear in mind that eM Client doesn’t really recognize sentences. It considers a full stop as the end of a sentence. even if it just signals an abbreviation as in e.g. and capitalizes the next word, even if it is in the middle of the sentence. That may not be all that bad in English, but in German it is a PITA. That is why I have switched this option off in eM Client and all word processors.