Capitalization of first letter at beginning of sentence


I have spell-checker enabled.

When I compose a new message, eM Client flags as incorrect the capitalization of the first letter in each sentence. As seen in the screenshot, it really wants me to switch to lower-case.

Any ideas?

Using 8.1.876 (234bb7a) on Win10.

Screenshot 2020-12-16 173127

Screenshot 2020-12-17 142947

@christos Check that you have selected the correct Spell Checker Settings for (each field) as per the below screenshot example, as could be its on the eg: wrong English language version etc for your Country and maybe EMC thinks its not correct spelling when it is.

Note:- If your specific Country is not listed in the 3 fields as in the example below, click on “Download dictionaries” to install and then select your specific country in each field. Then Apply and Ok.