Capability to sort aliases in alphabetical order, for easier locating

I am aware of eM Client’s ability to use Aliases.

However, with many hundreds of different aliases that I use (a unique alias per website that I register on), because the aliases in eM Client are not sorted alphabetically, it is almost impossible to find the needed alias, without looking at each & every alias until the one I’m looking for is found.

If eM Client was able to sort all aliases alphabetically, regardless of the order they were entered in, instead of taking many minutes to find the required alias, it would take mere seconds.

It need not be able to sort automatically, because some users many not wish to have their aliases sorted alphabetically. In this case, a button (or option in the settings) would probably be a better solution. That would allow those of us who wish to sort our aliases alphabetically do so, by either clicking on a “sort” button when adding aliases, or to select an alias sort option in settings.

This is a feature that I would like see implemented in a future release in the near future, and hopefully others are interested in this capability too.

Thanks in advance.


This feature I would like to see also.

Hi John, Hi Jasmin,
thank you for your suggestion, we’ll consider adding the feature to future releases of eM Client.


Fantastic.  Thank you in advance.  Have a great day.

I realize that this post is 4+ years old.

I just downloaded the latest v7.2 & installed it temporarily in a VM, to see if aliases are now sortable alphabetically.  But I see that this simple capability has still not been implemented.

I can’t see it being that difficult to implement, which would indicate that the programmers can’t be bother to add that capability, so I can’t be bothered either to upgrade, as I see no reason for me to.

We’re up to 5 years now since I made this original post :-).

I see that we’re up to 7.2.x now, and I’m wondering if sorting of aliases has been implemented yet.

I’m still on 7.1.x, as I see no reason for me to upgrade until that sorting capability is implemented.  I currently have 129 aliases, and there is absolutely no logic to the way those aliases are displayed, and they’re most-definitely not alphabetically.  So every time I wish to use an alias, I need to go through each alias line-by-line, until I come to the one I wish to use, and often it takes 2 or 3 times going through the list until I find the one I wish to use.

If anyone who uses aliases can tell me if they are now able to sort their alias list alphabetically, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance & have a great day.


Aliases are sorted in the order in which they are added. Makes no sense, I know.

I did manage to do it for a number that I have, not as many as 129 (whew!!) but this will work just as well. It does require a bit of editing and a good text editor (not notepad) that has advanced sorting options.

If you go to Menu > File > Export and select to export settings to xml. Untick everything except Accounts.

Then open the xml file in your text editor (I use Notepad++) and go to the section:

[email protected]

“Gary” <[email protected]>
“ABC” <[email protected]>

This example has 1 account ([email protected]) with 2 aliases (in bold).

You just sort the section in bold. This is where you need a good editor because if you want to sort by address and not name, you want to sort the lines by whatever follows the  <.

Then the tricky part. LOL!

Backup eM Client using Menu > File > Backup then delete all your accounts. :wink:

You DON’T want to do that if any of your accounts are POP3, because that will delete the data. IMAP or Exchange are OK because eM Client is just providing a cached copy of what is on the server, so re-syncing will refresh the data from the server.

Go to Menu > File > Import > Settings from xml and import the edited file. You need to delete your accounts because the import will create duplicates and not merge the settings. Restart eM Client and it will resync your accounts and your aliases will be in whatever order you sorted them in.

I guess you need to look at whether doing it this way, or simply entering them again manually, will be quicker and safer.

Hello, folks.

I originally posted this question more than 6 years ago. I believe at that time I was using v6. I am currently on v7.2.35595.0, and I see that v8 is out now.

I wish to inquire at this time if v8 now has the capability to sort my aliases alphabetically, as I am sick & tired of having to scroll through nearly 200 aliases, looking at each & every email address, in order to find the one that I wish to use.

If v8 is capable of sorting my aliases alphabetically, I will gladly upgrade to v8. If it is not cable, I am quite happy to stay on my current version. I know that I am not on the latest version of v7, but saw no reason to update it without aliases sorting capability.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Gary.

Sorry for taking nearly a year to reply to your suggestion :-).

I took a look at your instructions, nut I deemed it too much work, and too risky.

I use these aliases, only for the purpose of preventing spam, as each website that I register on has their website name in the email address that I use on those sites. That way, if/when spam starts coming in, I can tell instantly what website the spammers go that email address from, and block them on my mail server :-).

Thanks again, though, for taking the time to document the steps for me.

Have yourself a great day, and be safe.