Can't update in order to send email

Was running latest Beta version which expired May 5th. Now app is running in offline and wants me to “update”. Problem is I downloaded the latest version on their site and I get an error message that I already have a later version. so how do you update?!

I am having the same issue.  Just installed v7 from link provided by sales and it will not import my file saying that it is not installed on my computer, but yet it is.  Also noted the “Offline” status in the lower left corner.  How do we fix these bugs?

On the eM Client blog page ( there are two “Download” buttons.; one in the middle of the page and one at the bottom. Be sure to download using the button in the middle of the page (not the lower one). This will give the latest version. If you click on the lower button, you will get the error you described.


We apologize for not responding sooner. What Norman said is the correct solution. Thank you Norman.