Can't <undo> archiving emails

I’m at the keyboard shortcut “e” to Archive an email. However, I noticed that once I archive the email, the function does not work.

Note: To undo I try using the keyboard shortcut: Control Z and the menu > edit > undo option. Neither work. Undo is greyed out.

So if I archive an email by accident I can’t quickly it and then I have to go search for the email.

Any help getting the function to work would be much appreciated. Thanks for the help


New version available, perhaps it will help…

Undo Ctrl Z (does not work) for emails going to the Archive folder. It only works for the Inbox or any other Sub folder.

If you have a eg: Gmail account and you have archived an email, just click on the “All Mail” folder and you can drag it back to the Inbox or whatever folder it came from…

Thanks. That matches up with what I’m seeing.

Any idea why they don’t allow that procedure?

Archiving an email is literally the most commonly uses procedure in working with mail and all it is under the hood is the process of removing the inbox label. So I wonder what they don’t let you undo that procedure. Very annoying as navigating to the All Mail folder, finding the mail, and then dragging it back to the inbox is 3 steps process that takes maybe up to 10-15 secs, where control z takes maybe 0.25 secs (up to 60 times faster). Again, archiving is the most commonly performed function when working with email. If anyone knows of a way to map a shortcut key to undo archiving an email (i.e. removing the inbox label) , PLEASE let me know.

Thanks for the help!