can't text TO cell phone FROM PC using eM Client, however I can receive texts FROM cell phones

Computer #1 has MS Oulook for email
Computer #2 has eM Client for email

I can send txt and pics to my cell phone from computer #1
I CANNOT send text or pic FROM computer #2 to cell phone

Text/pic to cell phone is only problem with computer #2 email - ie, to other computers is fine. Cell phone TO computer #2 messaging is also OK.

If eM Client can’t send messages from PC to cell phones, I’ll need to go back to Outlook.

Plse copy with response.

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can’t sent text from PC.

Can’t send text messages from PC to cell phones when using eM Client. Comes back as message cannot be sent.

I can receive them from cell phones though.

Also can text from PC to cell using Outlook Express - just not eM Client. Anyone offer resolution to this frustrating issuse? If you could copy response to “” it would be greatly appreciated.

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can you please check if your emails are synchronized ot the server when sending from eM Client?


Yes - sync’d

I got the problem resolved by unchecking 'SERVER REQUIRES AUTHENTICAN"

Path tools/account/smtp - tab


then I am happy that it works for you now.