Can't synchonize

I’ve downloaded EM Client but can’t get it to synchronize with my ntlworld account. Can anyone help? The Operations Log details are below:

12:20:16 Online state: changed to online due to NetworkAvailability

12:20:17 [email protected] [IMAP]  Synchronizing subfolders: For folder[email protected]/

12:20:18 [email protected] [IMAP]  Synchronizing subfolders: Done

12:20:18 [email protected] [IMAP]  Synchronizing subfolders: For folder[email protected]/[Gmail]

12:20:18 [email protected] [IMAP]  Synchronizing subfolders: Done

12:20:18 [email protected] [IMAP]  Synchronizing messages: For folder[email protected]/Inbox

12:25:17 [email protected] [IMAP]  Synchronizing messages: For folder[email protected]/Inbox

12:30:18 [email protected] [IMAP]  MailExceptions.ConnectionException:

12:30:18 (Connection terminated)

12:30:18    at MailClient.Imap.Synchronizer.ImapCommand.ThrowIfConnectionBroken(BasicResponse response)

12:30:18    at MailClient.Imap.Synchronizer.SynchronizeMessagesCommand.FetchNewMessages(ConnectionContext context, String selectPath, UInt32 idLow, UInt32 idHigh, String idList, Boolean useUid, UInt32 messageCountEstimate)

12:30:18    at MailClient.Imap.Synchronizer.SynchronizeMessagesCommand.ExecuteInternal(WorkerStatus status)

12:30:18    at MailClient.Imap.Synchronizer.ImapCommand.Execute(WorkerStatus status)

12:30:18    at MailClient.Commands.Command.Process(WorkerStatus status)

Hello Jon,
are you having problems with only this account or all of them?


Hi Olivia

This is the only account I’m trying to run through eM Client. I’ve got the same account running through Mail for Windows 10 without any problems. Any idea what the problem might be?




Hello… anyone out there who can help with this issue?


Hi Jon,
I am very sorry for the late reply.
Have you tried making an exception for eM Client in your Windows firewall and anti-virus software to see if its possibly blocking it’s communication?
If that doesn’t help, could you please screenshot the IMAP settings tab for me from Tools>Accounts?