Can't Start, Delete or Upgrade eMClient -

I’m stuck and cannot fix my problem without help.

This has happened before, and eMClient has been gracious enough to help me through it even though I’m using a free license.

For a few years now I have been using eMClient in two locations, six months at a time. When I leave one location, I back up or export my files and restore or import them at the other location.

I am back from my Florida home and I am in my New York home. When I attempted to restore my emails from the backup I performed in Florida, I am informed I need to update my eMClient program because the backup was created in a newer version than the version on this computer.

When I attempt to do so I receive an error message stating that the File 1509.msi is not a valid install program. When I browse and point to the correct location where this file exists, the same error message appears.

When I attempt to uninstall EM client, the same sequence of error messages appear. When I attempt to do a new install of EM client, again the same sequence of error messages occurs.

If it wasn’t for my iPhone, I would have no access to e-mail at all.

Please help me as soon as possible. Somehow, I need to get a current version of eMClient installed on my New York computer so I can restore the backup created two days ago on my Florida computer.

Elliott Thau