Can't sign on to forum with new Microsoft Edge browser

Has anyone tried to sign on to this forum with the new Microsoft Edge browser ? I am using a Getsatisfaction account. The popup message says I signed on, but the forum web site keeps prompting me to sign on again and again. No problems using Google Chrome to sign on and post.

I’m using Edge version 79.0.309.71 (Official build) (64-bit).

Imported my settings from Chrome last week and have fad no issues at all. In fact some of the weirdness that I always had with this forum and Chrome seems to have stopped.

Gary, are you signing in to this forum with a GetSatisfaction account ?

I usually use a Google account to sign in because it uses Oauth so no passwords saved in the application. I did just try creating a getsatisfaction account, and browsed the forum for a few minutes. It seemed OK. At least I was not asked for my password again.

Maybe clear your browsing history in Edge, and remove the saved password for this forum as well.

For some reason the new Edge is blocking the sign on cookies (facebook,google,getsatisfaction) just for this forum.  Legacy Edge and Chrome do not and work just fine. I can get around this by explicitly allowing those cookies but I should not have to do this IMHO. The site settings for new Edge default to allow cookies.

The key to this issue may be tracking prevention in the new Edge.  If I turn off tracking for the forum or adjust the global tracking setting from balanced to basic, then I can sign on. It seems like the new Edge views the outside password providers (Facebook, Google, GetSatisfaction) for this forum as trackers. 

Probably a discussion for a Microsoft forum. :wink:

Maybe so but as I see it , you can’t sign on to this site with the new Edge with default settings and cookies cleared. Browsing the forum doesn’t prove anything as you don’t need to sign on for that :slight_smile:

This is posted from the getsatisfaction account I created. Signed in OK using Edge 79.0.309.71 on a new Windows 10 1903 virtual machine. All Windows updates to build 18362.592. All default settings, nothing changed in either Windows or Edge.

Was not asked to enter my password again after the initial sign in. Signed out, rebooted, signed in again and began this reply. Was not asked to enter my password again after the initial sign in.

But anyway, this forum is for discussing eM Client. Not Edge and not the getsatisfaction website. There are other forums for that.

Yes i too have this same problem where i am now using Edge Chromium Version 80.0.361.54 (Official build) (64-bit) (Win10 V1909) and when using Edge it validates my username  password ok, but then doesn’t think i’m logged in & goes back to sign in all the time ?. Very Annoying :(  Don’t know if this is an EMClient forum code website issue or Microsoft Edge Chromium build issue.

Gary If this forum has no area to discuss this login problem as you advised above, where can we send this issue to to get resolved as lots of peeps will now be using Edge Chromium ? Is there an eg: EMClient Webmaster official email address ?

Since my last comment, the same issue presented itself. One day it was working fine with that Edge, then the next day it was not. 

I wrote to Russel about it, and he contacted getsatisfaction.

This is their reply:

“We are working on the issue with Chromium Edge (80), and we found that the issue is due to the new enhancement features of cookies and cache within the browser. After our test, we found that now we can log in to the platform using the edge browser, however, we are unable to logout. In order to log out, we have to manually clear the cache. Hence, we have connected with “Microsoft” to understand a possible solution to this issue. The conversation is in progress, and we have no ETA as of now.  So, we request you to please bear with us for some time to provide a fix to this issue.”

For the past few weeks, I have not been able to use Edge to login to the forum. They say they can now login, but not logout. I can’t even login!

Ok Gary thanks for the update

This behaviour of Edge does not only affect this forum. When I try to log in to “Mike Chaney’s Tech Cormer” I get the following message
“An Error Has Occurred!Sorry Guest, you are banned from using this forum!”
With Firefox everything works fine. Generally I like the new Edge better than Firefox or Chrome, but I keep Firefox installed just for these two forums.

Interestingly Edge Chromium on Mobile Android browser logg’s in perfectly with the same Satisfaction login. So only Edge Chromium on desktop PC is the issue.

The latest developer version (82) has this bug fixed.