Can't sign in to forum using Chrome

In Chrome: When I try to post, I only get the “sign in to post” button.

  • If I click the “sign in to post” button, then click to use my google account, the window comes up that says I am now signed in.
  • If I click the upper right “sign in” which also succeeds
  • If I sign in, then open a new tab and create a new post
  • If I sign in and then go back to an existing tab where the post is already filled out and ready to post.
    In all of these scenarios there is no change to the post page, still it says I need to sign in.

Hi, this may be an issue of the community support system we’re using, that we’re unfortunately unable to support. Please try to visit when you want to try to login in another tab and check back if you’re able to login while getsatisfaction site is running under another browser tab.

Hope this helps,

I’d love to know if you managed to solve this. I can’t use chrome, I can’t use my iPad, I can use my iPhone! Very unwieldy.

Hi Robin, unfortunately the issue is reported but has not yet been resolved by getsatisfaction, have you tried to use the workaround I’ve submitted?

Once the cookies are loaded from the getsatisfaction website you should be able to login through eM Client.


No joy for me sorry. Never mind, I can access by iPhone and am a very infrequent user. Thanks

Hi again Robin, sorry for the inconvenience, we’re in progress of resolving this issue with the forum creators, you can also check if you have third party cookies enabled in your browser this may resolve the login issue if you have the option set to disable.

Thank you,