Can't Set Calibri 11pt Font Size in Signature

I am allowed to set the default font to Calibri, 11pt for reading and composing, but I can only set the signature font size to 10pt or 12pt. Why can’t I use 11pt in signatures?

Because the drop down list has a limited capacity. I am sorry, but I cannot provide you any solution at the moment.

But it is not a drop down list, it is a Combo Box that allows user input. I can enter 11 into the font size combo box, but the program ignores it.

I am sorry, I did not stated it correctly before. It is due the HTML limitations - it uses these 6 sizes as standard font sizes. All others have to be set by styles.
If you really want to use 11pt font, use the option “Insert HTML”.

I found a workaround.

Under Settings:Mail:Templates and Signatures, for each of your signatures:

  1. Open the Signature Editing window.

  2. Select All (Ctrl-A) the text of your signature.

  3. Cut (Ctrl-X), which will leave you with no text in the editing pane.

  4. Click the Remove Formatting button (the ABC with the strike-through line). This will change the font and size menu to Times New Roman 12 – just ignore.

  5. Paste as text (Ctrl-Shift-V) – and once again, ignore that your signature is now shown in Times New Roman 12.

  6. Hit OK to save your signature.

Now, when you create a new email message, your signature will appear in the same font that you’ve chosen for the body of your message.

I too use Calibri 11 for my email – both for the message body and the signature – and my workaround is working perfectly for me.

Good luck!

This solution seems to work except when sending e-mails to a Gmail account. The signature is in the correct font and size (Verdana 11pt) but the body text comes through as Arial 10 or 11pt. Any idea why that might be?

This is what I am seeing in Gmail re: comment above

See next post for screen capture


Is that post from another user helpful to you or not?


It may be helpful, but why doesn’t eM Client embed the font size in the message?


because these 6 sizes are standard HTML font sizes and it could make more problem if we would add non standard text formatting.

In many another desktop or web based email clients these non standard font sizes are not even shown so your emails could look differently that how you have sent them.


I’m sorry but that answer is dreadful. I’m looking around for an e-mail client because Thunderbird is equally poor on consistent formatting: clicking in different places in the compose e-mail body often causes the default formatting to be lost in everything that is subsequently typed.

I’d be happy to pay for a client that gave consistent formatting options, but this tech-centred answer, with a rigid adherence to so-called standards (where are these defined?) means that large-scale adoption by commercial companies that don’t want to be tied to Outlook is light years away.

It’s great that geeks are developing this stuff and putting it out there, but you need to sell it to non-geeks, and right now, you’re failing at that.

I was trying to explain why exactly we can’t implement non standard font sizes, it would cause too many problem that - actually - non geeks would be unable to solve and we would be forced to remove this.

so once more - we are not going to implement this because it can cause not showing emails in other clients. And that would loose us clients - email client is primary for sending and receiving emails.

You still haven’t defined “standard font size”, but don’t bother now because I’ll be uninstalling emClient. If you think this approach will lead to sales, you are kidding yourselves. Find a solution.

Companies spend a lot of effort developing and designing their brands, and they are not going to use tools that put artificial constraints on them.


standards are defined by W3C organization not by us so we can’t define them.
Anyway I am sad to read that this feature is main reason why are you leaving us.


I evaluate eM Client hoping to replace Outlook 2010. Now the standard font and size of my freshly installed Outlook 2010 is Calibri Size 11.

So I think if you really care about getting users to switch from Outlook to your client, you should give this request some serious consideration.


Outlook uses Word for this, that is why it can has advanced text formatting, eM Client uses only HTML standards and there is nothing we will change about it until standards will change.

Please understand that this is matter of compatibility and allowing users to use non standard font sizes would lead to big problems.


Nothing against following standards, but in the case of (business) email, it could be argued that Outlook is kind of standard on its own.


Yes, I understand your point but as I have written before this is not only because of standards but also because Outlook can use Word for advanced text formatting.


I don’t really buy that excuse, but so be it.