can't set as default mail client

I can’t seem to set eM Client as default.  I read about the Mapi but can’t seem to fix it.
I get the message when trying to set it in the settings as- _ Unable to set eM Client as default client.  Value does not fall within expected range.  _  Can someone help me?

What version of Windows are you using Frank?

Sorry, Windows 10

If you go to Windows Settings, you can select the default email client under Apps > Default Apps

I have noticed that sometimes, even when an app is selected, it does not act as a default. What you can do is change the email option to something else, then change it back to eM Client. That usually works.

At the bottom of that window is also an option to set defaults by app. Choose that and then click on eM Client and make sure everything is selected.

Thanks but eM Client is not even listed.  Just the Windows mail is there and it won’t let me change it.  It WAS there at one time but now it has disappeared for some reason. It works however but I can’t just select and send mail with eM. 
I thought of deleting eM and reinstalling, would that work?  I really do not want to have to do that though.

Reinstalling is a safe option, and you should not lose any of your data or settings when doing so. If in doubt, you can make a backup (Menu > File > Backup) before doing that.

If you do not have the latest version, you can get it at

I reinstalled and have success!  It is back to default. Thanks Frank