Can't send/receive mail with VPN connection

For some reason eM Client is not working with my VPN? It’s for work so I have to use it, this could be a deal-breaker if I can’t get it to work. It’s worked fine with other clients (airmail, mimestream, etc.) So I’m thinking it’s a eM Client specific issue. How can I fix this?

EDIT: This is for the MacOS version

VPNs like Proxy’s normally need to be disabled to work with eM Client due to the way they work.

However some Windows peeps on this forum have found specific VPNs “have worked for them” such as “Hideaway”, so all you can do is try a different Mac VPN if you want to use one, but no guarantee as none are officially supported by eM Client.

That’s honestly too bad, I, unfortunately, can’t control the VPN proxy settings or anything like that. I also can’t switch VPNs and have to keep the one my work uses to connect securely to their network. Oh well, maybe in the future eM Client can change the way it works so a VPN doesn’t block their inbound/outbound emails.