Can't send or receive outlook mail

Seems like eMC updated to v 9.2.2157 and again I’m unable to send or receive outlook mail. I get the error message below:

[IMAP] “center”><![endif]–> BAD Command Error. 10

If its only happened since you upgraded, then something might have possibly not quite installed correctly or there is some exiting error in the local imap account since upgrading.

If you haven’t already, first try shutting down your computer and restart and try again incase its just something in resident memory interferring. Also if you have any optionally installed Firewalls / Security programs, or Optional Antivirus programs or VPN’s try completely disabling those to test.

Now if rebooting makes no difference and you don’t have any optional program installed that might be interferring, then next suggest “if you only run IMAP accounts” to try restoring a recent dated backup of eM Client via “Menu / File / Restore” (Pc) or “File / Restore” (Mac). Once restored eM Client will then sync any changes from your mail server end up to date.

However if the restore didn’t work or you haven’t been making regular eM Client backups, then next suggest to “Remove and Re-add” the IMAP account that is giving you that error and see if that fixes it.

Lastly if removing and readding the account still gives you that same error 10, then it might be some possible IMAP account setting wrong, so we would then need to know what your eM Client IMAP Server address, Port and Security policy is. Also if you have Windows and Mac and what OS version you have.