Can't send or receive. Inbox and sent folders empty. Settings gone.

The title says it all.  

Can you explain what you mean by “settings gone”?

The program starts, but doesn’t see my account.  When I try to send an email, it says “no account”.  When I look for my account settings, there’s nothing.  I have a hunch that if I can figure out why it doesn’t see my account, and fix that, the Inbox and Sent emails will reappear, but it’s just a hunch, since I don’t know if the two issues are related.

Thanks in advance for your help.

If you go to Menu > Tools > Accounts, you should see you account listed there. If it is not listed, you will need to add it again. Click the  + icon and follow the Automatic Setup.

A bit more:

Operations box contains this:

Operations: There are no operations in progress
Errors: There are no errors
Log: Online state: Changed to online due to network availability

AND…this morning the Inbox, Sent and Deleted folders have moved to a new folder under Local Folders called More, and I can’t move them back!

I wonder if I can/should uninstall/reinstall the program?  But if I do that, what happens to all the saved emails (I have many folders containing old emails that are intact) and the missing ones?

I also have a backup, using Acronis backup, on an external hard drive that I could restore.

However, if I do either of those things and they work, I will never know what happened and why…

Sorry, Gary, I sent the last before I saw your recent response.  If Automatic Setup solves the problem, will I know what happened and why?

Right-click on the folder in More and choose Show. That will move it back to where it is supposed to be.

See if that solves anything before adding accounts or reinstalling.

Well, if it solves the problem, it means that your account was removed from eM Client. Normally that will not happen unless you do it yourself. If the account is not there, you need to add it or you will not be able to send and receive messages. Follow the Automatic Setup by entering your email address etc. When everything is done, eM Client will sync with the server and your Inbox/Sent etc should be populated with messages.

We are “pro” subscribers, so when I posted this message, I also sent eM Client a message.  They just got back to me and are currently working on it by directly accessing my computer.  I will let you know what happens…

Thanks again, Gary.

Not “my computer” actually.  It’s all on my wife’s machine.

Sorry this is late, but the support guy suggested that I restore from a backup and it worked.  He thinks that it was likely caused by interference from a backup program, probably Carbonite, that runs more or less constantly.  I’ve now configured Carbonite not to back up eM Client, so hopefully it won’t happen again. 

Thanks again for your help, Gary.