Can't send mails, error message "No account setup..."

I installed EMCLIENT yesterday and followed the steps for account creation, which were succesful. I was able to retrieve my mails from my PST file (outlook) and get new mails.   However, I can’t send and when I try, I get this error message: “There is no account set up. Please add an account first to send e-mails.”

I live in France and use a national provider and the account was automatically configured using IMAP. I have confirmed the data with the provider (IMAP server address & port) and they are correct.

Do you have any advice on what steps I should take?


I just solved the problem by switching to POP/SMTPS, so this now works. I guess the issue was with IMAP. Sorry for the bother.

I had similar problem when setting up my Singnet email can only receive mail but when start new mail to send there is no account available. Just found out from Sheilla thread that the solution is to choose “other”  mail when setting up the account instead of using automatic. Can try to see if this works for you too

Found the solution just now. When setting up account need to choose other for mail account and complete the process.