Can't send mail after new authentication

I’ve been going through the new authentication/Google process and I thought I had it fixed yesterday (got app password from Google, etc.) Em started working fine yesterday. Today I was fine for a while but I started getting 5.7.9 error message “app-specific password required.” I got a new app password from Google and replaced old password in three places in Em settings (General, SMTP, POP). I still can’t send emails, but I can receive them. I reinstalled eM (after backup) but no change, still can’t send emails. What am I doing wrong?

If you are using a username and password for the Gmail account, you will need to setup your account again as that method is no longer supported by Google.

Please follow the instructions here: Google ‘less secure apps’ access and what it means for eM Client | eM Client

Thanks, Gary, I created the new account after doing a backup. That worked fine. Then I deleted the old EMC account and restored from my backup–but that added back in the old account! So now I have both accounts again. The instructions you referred to say to copy the emails from the old account into the new one but I need help doing that. Obviously the backup doesn’t work for that. So “backup” is not the same as “copy.”

A second problem is that I wanted to keep everything on the server, but it looks like I downloaded emails from today back to 2001 from Google and they’re not on Google anymore. But they showed up in the new EMC account and I also did a backup of that, so they’re all saved on my computer–if I restore the new account.

Is there a way to get those messages back on the Google server? If not, how can I integrate those thousands of emails with my new EMC account AND with the current emails in the old account? I could create one new folder to keep the 2 years worth of google server emails (then at least I have access to them). Since I have backups of both accounts now (old and new) with all the emails in each, do I backup or save or copy or export or . . . what, to get all the emails from both accounts into the new account?