Can't send emails with hotmail account

Sent mails stay in the outbox and stay there. Please advise

no oAuth window popped up when i relaunched emClient. Emails still wont send. I have emails sitting in my outbox from 2 weeks ago that i just realized had gone unsent.

That means you did not revoke permission in your Google settings. Please try again and follow the instructions exactly.

i definitely did do that as step 1, but it seems i was logged into my outlook account, not my hotmail account, so thats why it didnt work. iv done it to both now and it seems to be sending again. thanks.

as a side note, it may be beneficial to send out an email when this issues has been fixed so anyone who has implemented this fix can undo it if they choose to. people are probably inclined to go looking for answers when they have an issue, but will not look at it any further beyond that point, and they may forget that the workaround was implemented on their end.

The fix seems to have worked for me. But I wasn’t offered/ didn’t need the " * Open eM Client and log in using the OAuth window that pops up." step. However, a couple of test emails I’ve tried have sent.

As of this morning im now getting an IMAP error “User is authenticated, but not connected”. It seems emails will still send, but now im not recieving any. Is this related to the same issue?

Same issue for me. I’m hoping eM Client and Microsoft are working on it and would love to hear more.

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EmClient Please…please fix this! the first workaround worked for a while now issues again. This is unacceptable.

hotmail stopped working for me again today