Cant send emails from eM client

All of a sudden I can not send emails.
SMTP{cannot send message (email recipient not accepted by server)

That means exactly what the error says: the address you are sending to is not accepted by your email provider.

Maybe check you have the correct recipient address, or contact your email provider. It may be that the address is blocked for some reason and they should be able to tell you why.

I have tried with about 5 different emails to different people and still the same message. it juts started happening last night

Are you able to receive messages in eM Client?

For the sending error, if your email provider can’t help you, then you should open a support ticket directly with eM Client.

Yes emails receiving fine

Check that you have your correct full email address in your email settings (Menu > Accounts > General Tab).

I am having this problem with mine now did you get your solved and if so what did you have to do.