Can't send emails from comcast email

I get this error when trying to send emails from emclient, there is no issue when using email on browser. I tried completely uninstalling and reinstalling emclient and adding account again to no avail. I am able to receive email fine and I have tried all ports and settings xfinity/comcast provides HERE. Any solution?

Have you ever been able to send email ?

I am actually not sure, I am trying to fix it for my elderly father and he had a loaded outbox so it is possible.

Ok. As you have already tried the eM Client forums Comcast SMTP settings and still not sending, I would suggest to then contact Comcast technical support “to dblcheck” what the SMTP server address, Port and Security policy should be. They may have changed.

Then post the smtp settings they say back on this thread if they still don’t work.

Also if your father has any eg: Optionally installed eg: Firewall / Security programs, Antivirus programs or VPN’s (other than what comes with the OS) , try also completely disabling those to test incase is blocking sending mail.