Can't send email

I have email sitting in my outbox from yesterday and today. I tried to email the logs, but of course the email is not going out. I am receiving email just fine. I sporadically get messages that eM Client can’t connect, but eventually the mail goes out.

It is unusual that nothing has gone out for two days now.

Can anyone help?


Have you changed any settings recently? Try to open the account settings and press the “Diagnose” and consequently the “Fix” button in the tab Diagnostics. Let me know if it helps.

I haven’t changed anything since I set up eM Client. I ran the diagnose and it got to SMTP and never finished. I restarted and it said OK for both. Sometime overnight the outgoing mail finally went out. Very frustrating.

We found out that it is a server sided problem.

Is there anything I can do about it?

You can report it to your mail server administrator.

Maybe you are using DEMO version, which is Expired.