Can't Send Email Telstra

Hi All,
Can’t send emails since yesterday. Keep getting the following error message.

“Message content rejected due to suspected spam. OB703”

Called my ISP (Telstra) 5 People and 3 hours later. Still can’t send an email.
They tell me it’s an EM Client issue.
Would appreciate any help.

Could be possible incorrect or outdated SMTP server settings. See the Telstra email support page -

Also according to the Telstra forum as far back as 2016 can also be caused by your Telstra IP Address being blacklisted by “Spamhaus”. See this Telstra crowd support link for info where this has happened to other Telstra customers even from webmail.

I’m having the same problem since yesterday–nothing can be sent and getting the “spam” message. NOTHING has changed on my setup, provider, etc. I can’t even send a simple test message to myself. Judging from the number of threads on this it seems to be a recurring problem on eMClient. Do we just have to wait it out? Is there any way to report it to them? I don’t see any ability to Contact or Report anywhere.

@Diane2 This issue is not an eM Client issue. eM Client is just merely an email program that uses “whatever outgoing SMTP mailserver you setup / configure” in your accounts to send through.

As you haven’t changed anything in your outgoing mail SMTP acct settings as you advised, and you cannot even send a simple test message to your own email address as you said and just getting bounced back spam messages , then you need to contact whoever looks after your outgoing SMTP server via webmail or phone to see why.

The problem with calling the ISP is that the email works on the ISP webmail service. So they assume the issue is with Em Client. I believe that it is an the ISP’s issue as I can send emails using my gmail address. But now I’m stuck as everyone is saying it is not their issue.
Thanks for you help.


These are the smtp settings i use in eM Client for my own Telstra (Bigpond mail acct) that send ok.

Also eM Client Diagnostics test below, where everything tested ok and sent and received an email via my Telstra Bigpond mail acct and back to my Telstra bigpond mail account ok via eM Client with no spam rejected messages.


I tried your setting was no better no worse. Its strange I can send emails to some addresses. Like my gmail address and my wife and son’s gmail and outlook accounts. But not to my bigpond address or any stuff im trying to do for work.

Thanks again

Now I am thinking its Em Client. I can send emails with outlook no problems.

Same here. I could send just fine through my provider’s web mail (centurylink). I also replied to a message and my reply does appear in my Sent box so I assume it went through. But new messages don’t.
Checked my settings and they are the same as yours except the security policy had SSL/TLS required. Changed it to “if available”, no luck. Just ran the diagnostic that you suggested and it was ok–I got the test message successfully. Also now if I look in my Operations Errors tab, in addition to the messages about spam although I am getting inbound messages ok, I get a bunch of messages relating to Outlook (sorry I don’t know how to get a screen shot).
Such as: [IMAP] Unable to upload message “Outlook Message Manager” KEY and a bunch of numbers to folder INBOX (parse error:date out of range) or a similar referring to “Outlook Rules Organizer” or “IPM.Microsoft.Migration Status” Also [IMAP] Unable to upload message “Messages” to INBOX (parse error:date out of range).This is all new, but inbound messages are arriving in both webmail and eMClient. In the log tab these are preceded by MailClient.Storage.Application.OperationException.

It really doesn’t look like it’s a centurylink problem. Also, I saw that there have been other threads on this topic, some quite old, so it seems like it is a recurring issue.

Did you contact the provider? This is something on their server that is the cause. Most will not permit you to send a message with the same from and to addresses, as this is a tactic used by spammers.

Yes, webmail does not use SMTP, and this is an SMTP restriction from the provider.


I can send emails to some addresses. Like my gmail address and my wife and son’s gmail and outlook accounts. But not to my bigpond address or any stuff i’m trying to do for work.

eM Client doesn’t restrict you sending email to anyone. Its a simple mail client like any other email program that sends via a standard SMTP server address, port and security policy etc, and supports both secure and non secure sending.

One reason why you may not be able to send email to specific peeps could be eg: (if you are getting dynamic auto assigned ip address’s from Telstra router which would be the default) & some of the Telstra auto assigned ip addresses you are getting (might be possible on a spam server blacklist) so then your sent emails will bounce straight back to you as spam rejected etc.

So if you are getting dynamic auto assigned ip address’s try powering off your modem / router for aprox a minute which then should get a new IP address and see if you can send email ok.

You can check what your real ip address is via

If “powering off and on” your ISP router for at least a minute makes no difference to the problem & “still restricts you from sending emails to certain peeps”, then the Telstra SMTP server is restricting you sending for some reason as @Gary advised above.

You would then need to get back onto Telstra support & explain you can only send to specific email addresses with the Telstra SMTP server & tell them the email acct SMTP settings you are using, and the spam errors you get bounced back.

Thanks, all. Don’t have the energy to deal with it today, but will try unplugging the router and if that doesn’t work will bite the bullet and contact Centurylink.

Got feed up with the whole thing. Need to get some work done. So I have made the move the Outlook. Everything is working just fine. Makes me think it is an EM Client Issue.
Thanks for all the help.

Eureka! I unplugged my modem for a while, plugged it back in, and now it seems to be working. At least a message (new, not a reply) does show up in my Sent Box. I remembered today that a Centurylink Rep suggested last time I had a problem, that I unplug and plug once every week or two so that I always have the latest software. I will have to start doing that regularly.

Thanks for everyone’s help! I am not technically adept so it’s great to have people here that are willing to give their time.

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