Can't send email - "Spam Filter" error message

I reported this problem 11 days ago and it was resolved several days later.  However, it has begun again.  I cannot get the screen to print here.  This time the error message is worded slightly different but is essentially the same: " An error occurred.   Cannot send message (Email body not accepted due to the following reason: “5.7.1[P4]. Message blocked due to spam content in message”)

Hello Marlene,

The server sometimes automatically refuses message e.g. if there are some kind of active elements in it, for example moving pictures or external code (often the case with templates). Please contact the server support for more information. If this e-mail is blocking all of the other e-mails from being sent, lease look into your Outbox (if you can’t see your Outbox, please turn on the Smart folders in Menu -> Tools -> Settings ->General - check 'Show Smart folders). Find this e-mail that that is blocking the others and delete it for the time being.