Can't send but receiving -Hotmail

I used the Regfile after using the link to take all permissions away from eMC through my Microsoft account. That’s all anyone need do with a Windows PC. Mac Users have to use all the instructions.

Step 1: Remove permissions.
Step 2. Download then double click the Registry Key.
Step 3. Open eMC and voila! You’re receiving email again. Yea!

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applied the reg fix the other day and could send mails - tried to send a mail this morning and its broken again - maybe an update or something else

have run the reverse fix and then re applied the fix but still cannot send main - rebooted each time i ran both fixes

i will look at permissions but i did not alter anything the first time it worked - i think i was told no permissions were set

so no idea what to do now

ok - strange - i went to my microsoft account and this time there were permissions for emclient which i deleted and all is good again - as said those permissions were not there last time but this is Microsoft so who knows

Would have hope that this was fixed by now without having to resort to the registry fix. Oauth 2.0 should be used for better security isnt it

You will need to ask your email provider why they have not yet fixed this.

Yes, I agree modern oAuth is certainly better, so it is unclear why your email provider decided to disable it for SMTP only. They still allow it for IMAP and that is where the problem arises, as they can’t be different. Our workaround ensures that your OS only allows the older form for both, like some other apps do.

This problem with Microsoft has happened twice in the last month or so, I’ve gone through the steps again and run a patch ect but it will not work, I’ve deleted Microsoft permissions and then added again and still not working, is this still a problem for many or am I missing something here ?

Ive gone through the steps again and run a patch ect but it will not work, I’ve deleted Microsoft permissions and then added again and still not working.

What error message are you getting when you try to receive or send ?

Go to “Menu / View Operations” via the drop-down next to Refresh at the top left. Then click the “Log tab” at the top right and look for any obvious errors and paste them in this thread.

If anyone is open to testing something, we have a version we just created that won’t use SMTP to send, but will use AirSync instead thus bypassing the issue altogether. You don’t need to change anything in eM Client except install this version, and you won’t need the registry workaround. You can remove that by using the removeoldoutlookcomflow.reg file on the Knowledgebase page or run the command for Mac users.

You can get the special version here for PC . Mac users can get it here. Please send any feedback to [email protected] regarding this version.

Very superficially, it works. I marked the AirSync account without removing the badges at imap and smtp

And here I thought EMC is waiting for Microsoft to provide a fix for THEIR problem?

Why aren’t you using Outlook which is superior to EM in every way?

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There are only 3 of us using eMC as an ongoing evaluation, there are in excess
of 300 Outlook users in the company I sold last year


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Worked like a charm. Now waiting till Microsoft fix the problem.