Can't send but receiving -Hotmail

Hello, I’m using em client as my agent for outlook (hotmail) on my laptop. Suddenly I cannot send emails through em client, but can receive. I can also, both send and receive when I go onto the outlook site. So the problem is with em client.

I’ve checked port setting and stuff. All appears ok. Can anyone help?


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See the following eM Client page for help.

Is this resolved? I can’t send email out through

Is this resolved? I can’t send email out through

The only way to know if it’s resolved would be to reverse the eM Client support page modification (if you have already done that) as per previous post above in this thread.

If you haven’t done the modification, then suggest to do that so you can send mail atm.

Alternatively you would have to contact Microsoft as we don’t know when it’s fixed on this forum.

My cell works fine but my computer NOT…what is going on? when will em client fix this??? is this fixed??

This is not an issue with eM Client but with your email provider.

Until they can fix it, we have provided a workaround, which you will find here.

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I doubt this. My cell works fien from anywhere but my laptop NO…my employee computer NO…her phone YES…so i should contaxct providers? this is ridiculous…

run registry…what is this? rocket science?..EM fix this please

Your phone might not be using oAuth. Or it may be using an older version of oAuth.

But this is definitely a server issue. Please apply the workaround we have provided. If you don’t want to do that, you can contact your email provider for assistance.

it works when we do not use EM client…

i did all this and emails still go out…NICE!!!

this is making a simple into a science

emails still dont work and i did what was asked…
no changes adn i did it step by step

why can’t I send an e-mail from the microsoft account /hotmail, live , outlook/ in the emclient client, and from the same account in another client, e.g. the bat!, e-mails are sent. Isn’t this an EMCLIENT related issue

Looks like the Devs took care of it by releasing update build number: 9.2.1577. Sending again like normal. Yea!

Do you mean the problem has now been fixed? and we do not need the work-around?

I’m not able to send Hotmail accounts and I’ve downloaded the latest version of em client


I’m not able to send Hotmail accounts and I’ve downloaded the latest version of em client

Have you done the eM Client workaround as per the post near the top of this post ?

ie now all users who want to use microsoft mail will have to perform the “bypass manoeuvre” and what will cmclient do? waiting for what? :sleepy:

We have provided a workaround until your email provider can fix the problem.

Here is the link again in case you missed it: Problems when sending emails via SMTP with accounts

viernes 10 febrero 2023 :: 1450hrs (UTC +0100)

Yes, it is “another” update within a few days from v9.2.1553 to v9.2.1577 with no notification and as if by magic there is no reference to v9.2.1553 it is as if it never existed!
Whatever the reason I am not impressed.

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