Cant send attachments

I downloaded em Client to use on my windows 8 machine for our work email which is hosted by Gmail. I set up imap and everything works. However, I cant send an attachment via email. It “sends” but then never appears in my sent items folder and the recipient never gets it. The workaround is that I login to gmail from my browser and send from there. Then it appears in my sent items folder. However, this is not what I want to be doing with my time. If I have to go to gmail from my browser then I might as well abandon eM client. Please help.


Do you see any Error messages? If eM Client does not send anything it show errors, if you have disabled error messages go to Tools - Operations and look at Errors tab.

also can you please send SMTP logs? Tools - Settings - Advanced, Mark of SMTP under your account, accept and restart client, after this try to send email with attachment again and after this send me created logs to

together with this topic’s URL:…