Cant send any attachments, larger than a few kb, connected to Exchange 2010

EM CLient 7.0.27943.0 , Connected with exchange, used to work a few weeks ago, but now cant send any attachments of a useful size, (4.3MB wont send)

I CAN send emails with this attachment from OUTLOOK 2010, SO it is not an Exchange issue!

error is connection to Molar Exchange failed.

Exchange web services, an attempt to connect to ---- failed…

The server is Exchange Server 2010, NO updates have been installed this year, and also the attachment limit is set to 50MB so it is not a restriction, it DID work 2 weeks ago, but now does not, NOTHING changed on the Exchange server, this is happening with emclient installed at different locations.  It CAN send attachments of a very small size (KB)

Hello Gareth,

I understand that way too small attachments can be useless, you see eM Client is using the EWS protocol with built limit for request length and this can cause that some of your messages are exceeding the limit. Please try to apply those settings to your server: Set “httpRuntime maxRequestLength” to 20000 for 20MB limit or to 50000 to 50MB limit.
Please let me know if this solved your issue.

Kind regards

Hello, can you please tell me where on the server I need to set this?  Is it in a config file or in Exchange Management Shell?  What is the command format if so, eg:  **Set “httpRuntime maxRequestLength” 50000  ??


Unfortunately this is question that you need to address to your server support.

I am server support, that’s why I asked if it needs to be done in Powershell, or in IIS settings or in a config file.  If you have done this I assumed you would know where to change it, thanks?

Sorry for that Gareth but our support on forum is limited.
We support our application and unfortunately it is not in my competence to assist you with server configuration.