Can't see old emails on older than 30 day emails

I got a new job, as an Executive Director at a new organization with a new email account on Dreamhost, and then I set it up to connect to my Em Client account. At some point, the Admin set it up so that all the “older then 30 days email” goes to a Dreamhost “old-messages” email account. As an director, I obviously have to refer back to a Dreamhost Old-messages account.

Now, I can’t see back beyond 30 days. All the older email headers exist, but the messages do not. What do I do? Ask the Admin to remove that setting, and restore the 4K emails into the inbox, (if she can) or add the Dreamhost “old-messages” account to my Em Client?

I need to see the messages, I got a 100K in my regular Em Client regular account (I know, I’m bad) but what can I do to fix this?

Thanks, everybody!

Yes, but not necessarily to the Inbox. It could be a sub-folder if separation of the messages is important.

Yes. That is also an option.