Can't See Mail folders

I set up a bunch of mail folders to store emails by subject (Work, family, Amazon purchases) - I know they are there but I can’t see the folders displayed. Any hints?

@wheatgirl They could be (Hidden by default) under the “More” menu if you are using the latest Em Client V8.x .

Scroll right down to (the very bottom of your mail folders) on the left. and if you see a “More” menu, press the (down arrow) on the left of the More menu and you should then see any new hidden folders.

To un-hide / show them, “Right Click” on a Folder and click “Show” on the menu. They should then appear in alphabetical order with all your exiting folder.



You can also “Right Click” on your “Email Account” in EM Client and click “Show/Hide folder”

Then scroll down to (the very bottom) of the Show/Hide folder window. Then click on the word “Hide” on the right of any hidden folders and change them to “Show” as in this “Test” folder example below.
Finally click ok and your hidden folder should also appear in alphabetical order with your other folders.


@wheatgirl If the lost mail folders (are not hidden) as above and you did have the missing mail folders in a previous EM Client version, you could then (try restoring them) by downloading the previous version of EM Client from the EMC version history page, and then using the Menu / Restore option.

However the above would depend on if you had previously done backups within EM Client ?.

If you have previously done EM Client backups (when you had those missing folders), first backup your current version of EM Client via “Menu / Backup” and then close Em Client and uninstall and when asked do you want to delete your database,( choose yes to delete) the database and finish.

Then go to the EM Client version history page and download the version of EMC (that you used when you had those missing folders) and install that version.

Next open EM Client & skip the email account setup and (then restore) your previously backed up EMC version. Finally close and re-open EMC and all your Mail / Account and Missing folders should be there.

@wheatgirl If you hadn’t done (EM Client Backups) previously when you had those missing mail folders, then there are really only two options left i can think of.

1). If you have an IMAP / Exchange etc account, go to your eg: “Web mail” online via a browser and see if you can see those missing mail folders. If they are online, but not in EMC, then try removing your email account setup from EMC and re-setup / add as new. Everything should all come back ok.

Note:- Remember if you remove your account from EMC and re-add / setup as new as above, do a backup first via Menu / Backup.

2). If they are not online in web mail as you have a eg: POP mail account etc, you could then try to (restore your computer to an earlier time). Theoretically then all your missing mail folders should come back after restored. If you are not familiar how to do that, you would need to consult a computer technician.