cant see email sent time, just the date

When I look at my sent emails past today, I only see a sent date, not a time. How do I also see the timestamp with the date? Can anyone help me fix this?

nevermind, I figured it out. In case anyone else if having the same challenges, here’s what you do:

right click on the top bar of your email, go to “mail” settings, check the “show full date” under “message list” at the bottom.

thank you for providing this information about your solution.


This is also the solution for the problem in the Inbox too. By default, eM Client does not show the times for days before today. What was frustrating was that when I tried to search for the answer via the help file, Google, and the forum, I got all sorts of issues related to time but the simple question of how to display time in the email list was not among them until I happened upon the right keywords, which are not the obvious ones. That’s one reason I’m writing this post - to get the words “display time” into it so people looking can find it.

I do wonder why the time is not displayed by default except on the first day. It would save new users the hassle of searching for how to get it there. (Some other posts talked about time formatting issues, so I was looking to no avail for how to format time in eM Client’s settings. The setting, “Show full date” does not even include the word “time,” so I kept missing it.)

Hello, it depends what layout you’re using to sort your email, the compact list view that allows you to view your email and list of emails side by side, can only contain a limited amount of information, this does not allow us to display the full time and date, and displaying date for older messages only seems to be a more viable information using the compact view.

You can use the full size view and enlarge the column that displays the full list of emails to show more information for each message.

Hope this helps,

Thank you !

Well that was much harder than it should have been to figure out (and why is this not the default?). Thank you guys for this post even though it is quite old. Here is an updated version of how to fix it in the 7.1.30508.0 client.
Click Menu -> Tools -> Settings -> Mail, then scroll down on the right until you see the section for Message List. Place a check in the box “Show full date”.
Now you should see the entire date and time in the Received and Sent columns in your mail list.

Thank you, Gracias.
Para aquellos con la interfaz en español es  Menú -> Herramientas -> Configuración -> Correo, desplazarse hacia abajo hasta encontrar la sección “Lista de mensajes”,  y luego marcar la opción “Mostrar la fecha completa”.