can't see email body - gmail

I’ve tried installing em Client twice, and I would really like it to work! I have 1 gmail account setup, and the folder structure loads just fine, and the email list for each folder loads just fine. However, when I click on an email, there is no body. The flying dots across the top of the message just continually scroll but the message body never appears. I waited over night, thinking the emails needed time to load, but still nothing. No errors in the log, operations say they all completed successfully.

Go to Menu > Tools > Accounts and remove the Gmail account. Then add it again and see if there is any difference.

You might also try disabling any VPN or anti-virus/firewall applications and see if that changes anything.

Thanks Gary. I’ve tried that a few times, didn’t seem to make a difference.

After letting it sit for another ~18 hours, I can now get the messages to come up if I double click the message in the list and pop the separate email window (this was not happening yesterday, so small victory!). As for message preview pane, still nothing, even if I right click on the message and select “Download Selected.”

One thing you can try is to enable offline support. That means the application should download the full message when it arrives, and not when you click on it.

You will find the setting in Menu > Tools > Accounts > then in the IMAP tab for your account.

Initially it will download all messages, so after changing the setting, give it a few minutes.

Yes, unfortunately I tried that, too, without success. After I checked that box, the Operations dialog box said it was downloading email but I never saw any local emails nor did it solve the issue. After ~36 hours I finally cancelled that operation. I’m starting to think it may be related to the 100,000 messages that are in the All Mail IMAP folder on gmail. Next step is to try the POP3 settings instead of IMAP unless you have any other suggestions. Thanks!

Yes Brian could just be the amount of messages taking too long to read as you said or some other unknown problem. Suggest to uninstall V7 and maybe try the latest EM Client V8 Beta with Gmail IMAP setup as it seems much faster overall and might help with that body loading issue. -

For anyone else with this problem, cyberzork hit the nail on the head. V8 Beta solved this problem immediately. Thank you!