Can't see calendar invitations in my inbox or select contacts from address book when drafting emails

Just made the move over to em Client. Email works great and I managed to import both contacts and calendar items from Outlook. Main issues I have now are:

  1. I can’t see any calendar invitations I receive in my Inbox (they’re there in Outlook by not in em Client).
  2. When drafting a new email, if I select the “To” button to contacts, the Address Book opens up as blank.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I have a similar problem. In my case the mail server is Gmail. Although I could manage to see all my calendars, yesterday I found that:

  1. Answers to invitations did not arrive to the owners.
  2. Meetings and events created in eM do not appear in Gmail
  3. This same meetings “disappeared” from eM on the following day.
  4. Not all third parties calendars are synced (e.g. Tripit)

In summary, although I like eM very much it is not reliable for someone like me that depends 100% on his agenda.