can't scroll messages vertically if bottom scroll bar is all the way to the right

IN eM ver 6.0.19762.0 if I move the scroll bar at the bottom of the message preview pane completely to the right, it cannot scroll vertically, neither with the mouse wheel nor with the right scroll bar.

If I move the bottom scroll bar even a tiny way to the left, this fixes the problem.

Hi, I am having no troubles with it, can you tell me your layout settings from View - Layout?


upgraded yesterday to 6.0.19849.0 and cannot reproduce the problem!

I had messages on the right
I had eM running on a smaller additional monitor so that messages with a wider graphic needed to be scrolled left to right
When they were scrolled to right fully, then no vertical scroll could occur

but as it’s not a problem now, we can ignore!

Many thanks for getting back to me

Ok, I am marking this thread as solved.