Can't retrieve pop3 messages due to the following reason: "" I have this error consistently popping up each time I receive new messages.  I am currently running Windows 10 Home, ver. 1511.  To clarify, the messages seem to be downloading just fine, but the error displays in spite of successful downloads.

Addendum:  here is the full error description.

A2:  However, I cannot be fully sure that the emails are downloading successfully without looking at the webmail serverside. I just have and the messages displaying on their end are from yesterday.

Hello Wade,
what version of eM Client are you running? Check the Help>About section for full version number.
What mail provider is your POP account from?
Do you keep a copy of the message on the server or are they deleted after download?


I had posted the version in the original screencap i cropped together.  It’s 6.0.24928.0 and my mail provider is through  There’s a copy left on the server after download.

Hello Wade,
can you try adding eM Client to exceptions in your Firewall and Ativirus software and see if the messages persist?


I have just listed the eM Client folder as an exclusion under file path and MailClient.exe as an exclusion on DeepScreen on the antivirus (Avast Internet Security 11.2.2261) and I will see if the messages persist.  I’d also like to note that another user had another error pop up, this time with a different error.  If it happens again, I will grab a screencap and link it.  Both of the machines run windows 10, both use eM Client, both use the same server, and also have the same antivirus brand.  I will go make the same exclusions on the other machine as well right now.

edit: also, I had put in the wrong mail server in my earlier post, it’s

Hi, Olivia, I’m reporting back in with the results.  It seemed to have worked for a temporary solution, but this past evening I was told that the error is back.  I have listed the exclusion on both Avast Firewall and Windows Firewall.

Hello, I’m leaving a message here today because I didn’t get a response yesterday.  Anyone help?  See conversation on the first reply for the situation.

Hello, I am responding again because I am still having the problem persist, and I would appreciate some communication on this.

OK, similar retrieve pop3 error, see error message and log attached