Can't remove attachments when forwarded as attachment

I have several e-mails I want to forward as attachments.

The problem is that these mail have very large attachments themselves.

If I do a forward as attachment, and open that attachment and delete the attachments, emClient asks me if I want to alter the mail, and even if I say yes, once I close it, the attached mail is still several megabytes large.

You will need to remove the attachments from the original email first, then forward the email as an attachment.

Thanks for the quick reply, but doesn’t that mean that I lose those attachments as well?

I want to keep the attachments in the original mails, but I don’t want the person receiving the forwarded versions to get them.

Yes, you will lose them.

Hmm . . . :thinking:

You could copy the message to Local Folders, remove the attachments from that message and then forward it as an attachment. Delete the Local Folder message when done.

Thanks, that worked although a rather convoluted workaround for something that I thought would be a rather common thing.

Every step of the way, during hover pop-ups and opening of those mails as attachments, I can open sub-menus on the attachments inside those mails where I can “open” or “save” them. How difficult would it be to add a “delete” to those options?

The message needs to be in a folder in eM Client in order to edit the attachments. As it is an attachment itself, it is not in a folder, so can’t be edited.