Can't recieve notification from folder except inbox.

I’m using the homail, and I’m setting the rule in Hotmail that some incoming emails will directly go to certain folders rather than inbox. The problem is I can’t get notification from em client of those new emails in certain folders. Could you please tell me how to fix it? I really don’t want to change my rules in my Hotmail.

Hi Zeyun, unfortunately eM Client by default only synchronizes your Inbox, so messages moved to another folder using a server rule won’t show a notification as the message is downloaded after you open the folder.
You could avoid this by using the option “Download messages for Offline use” for your account or for the certain folder you’d like to have refreshed.

Using the current setup eM Client only receives information about available messages however it does not proceed any synchronization prior to the folder refresh.

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Thank you for your help.

Yes, the option works a little bit and the client can automatically synchronize the folder and shows in the unread(smart folders).

But, the client just can’t notify me through pop ups as it does for new emails in inbox. Then I have to check new emails from time to time by opening the client. Is it true that I can’t do nothing about it except changing my rule in Hotmail?


Hi again Zeyun, unfortunately eM Client displays these notifications for Inbox only, you’d have to move the message to another folder while using an eM Client rule instead of the server based one, but I understand this may cause issues while viewing email on another device.

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