Can't recieve email after changing network setup

Hi all,

I am unable to receive my mail after changing my network setup.
I can only receive them when connecting to a VPN connection (nordvpn)
sending email works, but not when connected to the VPN server.

i"m using IMAP on port 993 with “SSL/TLS on special port”
and SMTP on port 587 with “force use of SSL/TLS”

This is what changed:
The network cable from my computer was connected directly to my router (Asus RT-AX89X),
now it’s connected to a switch that is connected to the same router.
The IP address of my computer did not change as I’m using a manual one (the router gives me always the same one).

The error i get is:
connection failed because the server is temporarily not available or the settings are not correct.


Your mail settings appear ok.

Connecting via a switch and then to your router would make no difference. As long as you have the correct IP address , Gateway IP address and DNS servers etc showing on your computer should still work fine.

Try disabling your VPN and (any optional) Firewalls / Security / Antivirus programs temporarily to test. Sounds like some optional program is blocking or interfering with you accessing the Internet.

If it works without the switch, then the switch is your problem.

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I am getting the same error with the same settings on my HP laptop running WIndows 10