Can't re-activate license after re-install

I helped my sister-in-law rebuild her computer after a crash. I had to do a fresh install of eMClient. She had a valid license previously. The new installation has now completed the “demo period” & she can’t receive emails. When she tries to get a new license, it prevents her from doing so because she already has a license. But when she tries to ACTIVATE the existing license, it asks for the activation key, which she didn’t write down so she no longer has it. How can she retrieve the old license activation key, or the license itself, to apply to the new instance of eMClient?

I have the same issue

You can have your activation key resent to you from the eM Client website.

Enter the registered email address at

That worked! Thank you so much! (Chris Gentry, if you try this don’t click on the link itself, it tries to send you somewhere else, just copy the link text & paste it into your browser URL box.)

Link is fine. Maybe your browser?

Yeah, I tried it on a Linux box I just finished building, and with default Firefox setup (no changes to settings) it works. Installed Chrome on that box and the link works just as expected first time. Phone as well.

I also checked the HTML link that is embedded in the post above. It is exactly the same as the text you see on the screen. 

If anyone else has an issue with that link, please post your comments here and I will ask eM Client to contact the host about it.