Can't pull up older email body - gmail

I’ve never had a problem accessing my old emails, but a few days ago, when I tried to pull up an old email, it would not show the body of the message.  I haven’t changed anything that I’m aware of. I NEED to access old emails for work.  Please help!

Hi Loni.

Can you see the message body when you view it through the web interface for GMail? If you can then maybe the eM Client folder cache has become corrupted. You can right-click on the folder containing the message and choose Properties > Repair. This will delete the cache from eM Client and re-download the messages. 

If that does not help, then as a Pro License user, I would suggest that you open a support ticket. I am sure they will be able to assist you further.

Yes, I can see them on gmail.  Although that particular folder is not shown on gmail, but all of the emails are there.  Also, when I right click on that or any folder, I do not see an option under properties to repair.

You are right-clicking on the folder in eM Client? If so, it sounds like your account is setup as POP3. Go to Menu > Tools > Accounts and see if you have POP3/SMTP or IMAP/SMTP tabs for your account.

I’ve got IMAP/SMTP tabs

The easiest solution with IMAP is to remove the account from eM Client, then add it again.

Are there some instructions you could please point me to?


In Menu > Tools > Accounts, click on the bin icon next to the account. That will remove the account completely from eM Client. Because it is an IMAP account, and you have verified that the messages are there using the web interface for GMail, you will not lose any data.

Now click on the + icon in the bottom left of the same window. This will add a new account to eM Client. In the Automatic Setup that appears next, enter the email address for the account, then follow the instructions.

Once the account is setup, it may take a short while to sync all the data from the server, but then you should have a complete duplicate of what you saw on the GMail web interface.