Can't print or print preview email in eMClient.. if i press print button the result is blank paper

Helo… i have a problem when i will print email … i can’t print or print preview.
if i press print button the result is blank paper… any idea how to fix this ?

Hello Nafi,

This issue is related to the change of the “Temporary files” folder location in Windows. If you changed it’s path/location, then it causes the blank print preview. If you wish to fix it, restore the default location of Temp files  folder in Windows and check if it works.


Hello Russel Markosky,
Thanks for your reply… but i never change the location of the Temp folder…is this a bug from eMClient?.. and how to restore original location of the temp folder?

Hello Nafi,

In Windows 10, the eM Client print previews are by default saved in: C:\Users"Username"\AppData\Local\Temp\eM Client temporary files. You need to have the “Temp” folder in this directory. Make sure that after opening the printing window in eM Client, a temporary PDF file is created in this folder.


Hello Russel Maskosky,
after i check the temp folder on c:/Users/Username/AppData/Temp/eMClientTemporaryFiles,
eMClient Temporary Files directory appears when i will print , but the print or print preview is still empty, i’ve tried to uninstall and install my pdf program, but the problem is still the same

Hello Nafi,

What version of eM Client are you using? You can find the information in Menu > Help > About.


Hi Russel…
I am using version 7.1.3.x.x.x.x.x… is this a lates version?

This is the last version of eM Client so in this case it is strange behaviour. I need more information about this. Does it happen with all emails or just in separate cases? Did you try waiting some time as the message you’re printing might be large (especially if you’re using conversation mode)? 

Can you try it with a simple one-page message?

Thank you!

is this a bug from eMClient? i’ve tried to print a short message and the result is still empty… is there any problem with other program? rendering pdf file? he wants to print when i select save as pdf and print manual… i’ve tried to uninstall and install again eMClient program… but the same problem.


I can’t say for sure by now so I’d like to investigate this issue more thoroughly. Please send me an email to with a link to this forum post.

Thank you.

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