cant permanently delete folder from trash

i deleted a folder by mistake and then i undeleted it, but three is still a copy of this folder in my trash and i deleted that 10 times and it keeps coming back - the trash has now a permanent sub folder that I am not able to delete :frowning: what do I do? I tried with repair button 2 seconds after deleting to help sync faster but it just keeps coming back. i even trid renaming it to xxxxxx but still can’t delete it…what do I do?

Hi, could you tell me if you see that folder on your webmail too? Also what protocol for receiving emails do you use?


I used normal gmail imap login and it did all the config automatically - I also deleted it in webmail and it’s gone now in webmail, but its still on em client on desktop

I will need your IMAP logs, go to tools - settings - advanced, check IMAP under your account, apply and restart eM Client.
Try to remove that folder and/or email/s in it and after that use “send logs…” to [email protected] together with this topic’s URL in subject.

Then you can turn logging off.