Can't paste in eM Client

I am having a problem with pasting in eM Client 6.0.19861.0 on Windows 7 64-Bit. I can paste in to any other application just not in eM. I’ve tried right clicking and choosing paste, paste as plain text and Ctrl + V.

Hi, do you use newest Internet Explorer version?


Same problem here with eM 6 latest and latest IE11 - I don’t use IE but it is installed.

Can not copy or paste from or into eM
Win 8.1 all updates using Start 8 

Hi Dave,

Are you by any chance using Webroot?

If yes, see here for a solution:…

Yep! I forgot I had this problem once before on laptop. Will do the suggested fix on webroot.

I also have clipcache and I can quickpaste from there to eM so makes sense webroot is allowing from to and from clipcache but is blocking eM - sigh but agree appears that is the solution, thanks