Can't open or delete emails

I have six emails in my inbox I can do nothing with. I can’t open them, I can’t delete them, I can’t move them. Double clicking them opens a new window with the subject but no body and none of the commands work. They are all from different sender and, oddly, they do not exist on the server! All 6 have the letter “N” in an orange circle preceding the sender even though only the first sender starts with the letter “N” (Nutrisystem). There is also a little orange circle to the left of the “N” that turns into a little flag when I hover the mouse over it. I have received emails after this, including signing up for this board and those have worked fine.

I have upgraded to the latest version just yesterday. 9.0.1708 (2cfb4a5)

At least I can still receive and send emails, but I would like to get rid of these.


I would suggest to go online to your webmail and see if you can access those emails. If you can and dont want them delete them via the webmail.

This might help… since you say they are not on the server

Do an eMC backup (MENU > BACKUP) FIRST !!

If you are using GMAIL, try right-clicking on the All Mail folder under your Gmail account and click Properties at the bottom. Then click the Repair tab at the top and repair.

The repair can take a little time depending on the size of your mailbox.

Don’t use GMAIL. I’m on Properties under that account doesn’t have a Repair tab.

Well, that was interesting. My computer crashed while I was using eM Client. I think I’m having some RAM problems. Anyway, when it rebooted, and I restarted the program, I got a message saying eM Client had not shut down properly and it fixed some errors. Now the messages are gone. First time I’ve had a crash actually fix something!