Can't open attachments sent by eMail Client

Pictures files attached to mail sent by eMail Client won’t open. Error says temporary file that they are stored in can’t be found. Is there a solution to this problem? Thanks!

Could be you have some sort of eg: “local profile / temp files problem” on your computer. If this has only just happened and not before, try "clearing all your Windows or Mac temp files and reboot. Then open eM Client and try again.

Failing that can you eg: even “Right Click on the attachments” and choose “Save As” and save them to your harddisk ?

Thank you so much for your suggestions. Yes, I’m pretty sure I did a temp files problem. After trying many solutions on the internet I paid for an ran Restoro. It fixed some of many issues including the file problem but could not restore my Photos and Microsoft Store files that somehow went missing. Thank you again for your prompt response and help in solving this problem!! I’ll have some idea of about what to do if I have an issue like this again.