Can't open account for my thexyz mail

I’ve created a mailbox with the service provider thexyz, but can’t open an account on eM.
eM recognizes my email address when I add it and finds the domain, but when I give it the password, it says the settings are wrong. I’ve repeatedly changed the email accounts password at thexyz & tried just copying & pasting it, but no joy. Have tried the password not only for the email but also for the server itself, & have repeatedly tried to create a POP account and an IMAP account. Can’t seem to find the solution.

Any ideas?

Thanks for your help!

They give instructions on their website how to setup your account with eM Client. See here.

Before you do that, can you login to their webmail? That way you will know if you have the correct username and password.

Thanks! The account had been set up incorrectly; once they corrected it, I was able to open the account on eM. Again: Thanks!